How to Confirm AIO-5 Lite Fit on Your Motorcycle: The Ultimate Guide

Hi everyone! Are you captivated by the features of the AIO-5 Lite but uncertain whether it can be fitted onto your motorcycle? Worry not! In this guide, we'll walk you through the simple steps to quickly confirm whether your motorcycle is compatible with the AIO-5 Lite and how to find the optimal mounting solution for your riding needs.

First, let's see how the AIO-5 Lite works: 

The AIO-5 Lite, along with two cameras, can operate in environments with a voltage of 12–18V, and it requires a working current of 0.6A/7.2W. Therefore, if your motorcycle battery's power is within this range, and you connect the device to the positive and negative terminals via the two wires that come with the back, the device will operate stably.

Note: USB ports are not recommended for power supply. They can cause unstable voltage and insufficient power supply; they are only for after-sales or device testing. So, if it's an electric motorcycle, please consider this factor. 

Diagram illustrating the working principle of AIO-5 Lite

How to install AIO-5 Lite?

1. Before installation, please familiarize yourself with the wiring and power connections: Introduction to Wiring and Power Connection

2. To install the AIO-5 Lite, you need to install the handlebar mount, mount the AIO-5 Lite main unit, use 3M adhesive to mount the camera, connect the wiring and power, install the external GPS, perform a power test, and finalize the setup. Please refer to this detailed guide for installing the AIO-5 Lite: Installation Guide for AIO-5 Lite

*To ensure a smooth installation process, please connect the yellow wire to the ACC line. The yellow wire is the ACC (accessory) wire, which must be connected to your accessory for it to operate. If you're unsure how to locate the ACC wire, please refer to this guide: How to Locate the ACC Wire.

Also read: Introduction to Wiring and Power Connection

3. Explore the complete AIO-5 Lite setup guide, featuring installation procedures, tutorials, and suggestions for ideal mounting locations: AIO-5 Lite Installation Guide 

But with so many types of motorcycles on the market, how can you confirm whether your model can achieve an ideal installation? We have designed different solutions for this:

Standard Bracket

The package comes with a standard mounting bracket suitable for Φ22-32mm round tubes, including three size adapters (22mm, 25mm, 28mm). 

Illustration of the standard mounting bracket for AIO-5 Lite

So, as long as there is a common round tube near your motorcycle's dashboard within this size range, you can use this bracket for installation. It allows flexible installation in any position you prefer - left, center, or right.

The AIO-5 Lite installed in the center of the motorcycle dashboard
The AIO-5 Lite installed on the left side of the motorcycle dashboard
The AIO-5 Lite installed on the side of the motorcycle

MFP0022 Crossbar Mount (Optional)

Crossbar mount can lock the device onto Φ12~Φ16mm round tubes, often becoming a favorite for ADV bike owners. 

Chigee AIO-5 Lite Crossbar Mount for ADV

This allows the device to be centrally positioned in front of the windshield's crossbar, effectively avoiding any obstruction to the original screen or keyhole, offering the rider an excellent view to conquer any terrain and adventure.

The AIO-5 Lite installed on the windshield crossbar
AIO-5 Lite on crossbar offers excellent visibility and conquer terrain
AIO-5 Lite on crossbar

MFP0042 Fork Stem Mount (Optional)

If you own a sport or racing motorcycle, the space around the dashboard might be compact. Don't worry; Fork stem mount is designed for this purpose.

AIO-5 Lite Fork Stem Mount

With the columnar mount, you can perfectly use the hole in the middle of the steering column for installation, ideally fitting the riding posture of such models. 

AIO-5 Lite installed in the middle of the steering column using Fork Stem Mount
AIO-5 Lite installed in the middle of the steering column using Fork Stem Mount

If there is no hole for installation, consider purchasing a replacement part.

motorcycle steering column hole replacement

MFP0057 Side Mirror Extension Mount (Optional)

If your motorcycle is unique, featuring round tubes larger than Φ32mm, lacks a hole in the steering column, or has been specially modified (scooter and Harley riders, I see you), then Side Mirror Extension Mount might be a good choice.

AIO-5 Lite Side Mirror Extension Mount
Installing AIO-5 Lite with Side Mirror Extension Mount
Installing AIO-5 Lite with Side Mirror Extension Mount
Installing AIO-5 Lite with Side Mirror Extension Mount
Installing AIO-5 Lite with Side Mirror Extension Mount

You can use it to fix the device onto the M8/M10 screws of the motorcycle's side mirrors.

AIO-5 Lite Side Mirror Extension Mount mounts on motorcycle side mirror M8/M10 screws.

MFP0059 BMW K1600 Lossless Installation Mount (Optional)

We're always trying to integrate the AIO-5 Lite into your riding experience more seamlessly, so we specifically designed this lossless installation mount for models like the BMW K1600.

AIO-5 Lite BMW K1600 Lossless Installation Mount

Don't waste the space above your dashboard! It ingeniously integrates the device directly into your dashboard for a seamless installation effect—unnoticeable when off, but once the device starts, it elevates your motorcycle journey to the next level! 

AIO-5 Lite installed on BMW K1600
AIO-5 Lite installed on BMW K1600
AIO-5 Lite installed on BMW K1600

Don't let uncertainty hinder your journey towards a smarter motorcycle riding experience! Our team is dedicated to delivering solutions that seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle and riding preferences. We have designed our range of options to be compatible with over 95% of motorcycle models, emphasizing the importance of properly equipping your device to enhance your riding experience.

We hope the information provided has helped dispel any doubts and assists in making an informed and swift decision. With the right setup, you can embark on your journey with confidence, focusing on the adventure that lies ahead!

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  • Gene Huegin

    When you refer to “Connecting the yellow wire to the ACC”, can you clarify what ACC means?

  • Frank Lux

    Bonjour j’ai acheté le Chigee et je voudrais l’installer moi même.
    Cela ne devrait pas poser de problèmes, cependant je ne sais pas à quel endroit connecter le cable jaune.
    Afin de ne pas faire d’erreur, pouvez-vous m’expliquer exactement, où fixer ce cable, respectivement, avez-vous une vidéo d’installation complète sur une BMW GS1250 Adventure?

    Merci d’avance
    Frank Lux

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