CHIGEE Makes a Splash at Makina Motoshow 2024

AIO-5 Lite operated underwater for 4 days

Greetings, motorcycle enthusiasts! Today, we are excited to delve into an impressive debut at the Makina Motoshow 2024 that has generated significant buzz. CHIGEE, a renowned brand in motorcycle accessories, made a resounding impact at the world's largest motoshow with their award-winning products.

Many people were continuously attracted by CHIGEE's motorcycle smart vehicle system.
CHIGEE's display at the Makina Motoshow 2024 captured everyone's attention.

A standout feature of the event was the unveiling of the AIO-5 Lite, an innovative smart vehicle system tailored specifically for motorcycles. What distinguishes the AIO-5 Lite? Picture this: it serves as a comprehensive entertainment and navigation hub for motorcycles, capable of remaining fully functional while submerged underwater for an impressive four days without compromising its wireless connectivity. Yes, you heard correctly—underwater!

The AIO-5 Lite plays videos smoothly underwater.

Throughout the Makina Motoshow, CHIGEE captivated attendees with a captivating display showcasing the AIO-5 Lite submerged in an aquarium. Visitors marveled as this intelligent device flawlessly conducted phone calls, operated GPS navigation, and streamed videos—all from beneath the water's surface. 

Smart motorcycle systems will bring people a promising future of riding.

Understandably, the AIO-5 Lite's underwater capabilities sparked immense interest among attendees. Both motorcycle enthusiasts and tech connoisseurs alike flocked to CHIGEE's booth, eager to learn more about this revolutionary product. The booth quickly transformed into a focal point of excitement and inquiry, with attendees lining up to experience firsthand what the AIO-5 Lite had to offer.

People are talking about CHIGEE's intelligent motorcycle system.
CHIGEE stood out at Makina Motoshow 2024.

Enhancing the experience was the enthusiasm and expertise of the CHIGEE team. Members of the CHIGEE crew were present throughout the event, passionately elucidating the features and advantages of the AIO-5 Lite to visitors. Their commitment to showcasing the future of motorcycle technology was palpable and contagious.

CHIGEE Makes a Splash at Makina Motoshow 2024
CHIGEE Makes a Splash at Makina Motoshow 2024
CHIGEE Makes a Splash at Makina Motoshow 2024

In summary, CHIGEE's debut at the Makina Motoshow 2024 left an indelible impression. With the AIO-5 Lite's exceptional underwater capabilities and the team's unwavering enthusiasm, they made a significant impact on the motoshow landscape. It is evident that CHIGEE is not merely keeping pace with the times—they are leading the charge into a new era of motorcycle innovation.

CHIGEE Makes a Splash at Makina Motoshow 2024

Stay tuned for further exciting developments from CHIGEE. The possibilities are endless. Until then, ride safely and remain curious!

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