Introducing the Upcoming AIO-5 Play BMW Edition

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the AIO-5 Play BMW Edition, a game-changing accessory designed to enhance your riding experience with seamless integration into your BMW's ConnectedRide Navigator. 

Key Features

1. Direct ConnectedRide Connectivity: The AIO-5 Play BMW Edition is designed to directly connect to your BMW's ConnectedRide navigation base, supporting the factory-installed BMW Wonder wheel and voltage reading capabilities.

2. Native Display Integration: On models like the R1250GS Adventure, the AIO-5 Play BMW Edition will seamlessly display its connection status on the factory instrument cluster's TFT screen, providing an experience identical to the original ConnectedRide Nav system.

3. Intelligent Power Management: Unlike direct ACC power connections that require a one-minute delay to detect power loss, the AIO-5 Play BMW Edition can instantly recognize ACC power loss and trigger the mileage summary page, ensuring accurate trip data.

4. Directly read and display the tire pressure data from your BMW's original equipment monitoring system - but only if your motorcycle is equipped with this optional feature.

5. Future-Proof Expansion: Based on the AIO-5 Play BMW Edition, we are actively developing further enhancements to unlock additional bike data dimensions, providing even deeper integration with your BMW motorcycle.

The AIO-5 Play BMW Edition is a specialized variant designed specifically for BMW enthusiasts and owners, but it retains every inch of functionality found in the standard AIO-5 Play model.


AIO-5 Play BMW Compatibility

The Play BMW Edition is compatible with all BMW motorcycles equipped with the BMW ConnectedRide NAV cradle system. This includes models such as:

- R1300GS
- R1200GS
- R1250GS
- R1250GSA
- S1000XR
- F750GS
- F850GS
- And more

📝After testing, we have confirmed that the K1600 can install and use the AIO-5 Play BMW version. However, please note that the K1600 model does not support the TFT and NAV control mode switching function. Therefore, when using the AIO-5 Play BMW version on the K1600, you will not be able to use the Wonder wheel like on other models. To use the Wonder wheel function, you need to purchase the CGRC-CAN additionally. What's more, the dashboard of the older K1600 models was designed for the BMW Navigator 4 (with a 4.3-inch screen), making it unsuitable for installing Chigee at that location. We recommend that you purchase a new dashboard cover for the BMW Navigator 5 and 6 (with a 5-inch screen) separately.

📝Please note that we may update our product specifications and compatibility with certain models from time to time. As for the BMW models compatible with our upcoming product, we are still in the process of verifying and testing various models. Therefore, we kindly request that you refer to the information provided at the time of the product's official release for the most accurate and up-to-date compatibility details.

Release Timeline (Tentative):

- Pre-order Date: Tentatively scheduled for July 2024
- Shipping Date: Expected in Mid to late August 2024

Please note that our commitment to providing the best possible product for BMW owners may lead to adjustments in the release timeline based on the development progress. The final product features and descriptions will be available on the official product page at the time of release. The information provided here is subject to change as we continue to refine and enhance the AIO-5 Play BMW Edition.

Stay tuned for further updates, and rest assured that we are dedicated to delivering a seamless and integrated accessory that elevates your BMW riding experience to new heights.