OBD Module and CGRC LIN (3Pin) Are Coming!

Dear CHIGEE Riders and Motorcycle Enthusiasts,

Prepare to revolutionize your riding experience! We're excited to announce two groundbreaking products that will transform your connection with your motorcycle.
Since launching AIO-5 in December 2023, we've heard your calls for an OBD module. Your enthusiasm has driven us forward, and now, we're proud to deliver not just one, but two innovative solutions (Scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe for launch notifications):

1. OBD Module: Access to your motorcycle's vital data

Imagine having real-time access to your motorcycle's vital signs - RPM, speed, engine temperature, voltage, and more. It's like giving your bike the ability to speak directly to you! (Note: Your motorcycle must have an OBD system)

Pre-order: Early August
Shipping: Early September


2. CGRC LIN: Exclusively for BMW Riders

BMW owners, we've got you covered! The CGRC LIN will transform your AIO-5 LITE and AIO-5 Play standard editions into powerful data hubs. Access your BMW's original data and gain Wonder wheel control. (Please note that CGRC LIN does not support daisy-chain connections. You must disconnect your BMW navigation system and connect CGRC LIN to the dedicated 3-pin navigation interface. If you wish to retain your BMW Nav, we recommend purchasing the CGRC CAN 4/8pin to connect with the DWA or RDC module.)

Pre-order: Mid to late July
Shipping: Mid-August

The following BMW models have been confirmed to be incompatible with the CGRC LIN for Wonder wheel control: F900 R / S1000 R / S1000 RR / R1200 R / R1250 R / K1600. For riders with these models, we recommend our CGRC CAN  or the CHIGEE Wireless Remote Pro

Model Features Installation
CGRC CAN(4/8pin) - Wonder wheel control DWA or RDC module
CGRC LIN(3pin) Reads native BMW data
- Wonder wheel control
Dedicated 3-pin Nav Interface
Wireless Remote Pro - CHIGEE-designed remote for controlling the AIO-5 Near the handlebars

Advanced dashboard OS

Both products will be supported by our newly developed advanced dashboard OS. (Note: The final dashboard interface may differ slightly from the provided images as we continue to refine and optimize the product.)

  • OBD Module

The data shown in the OS image is for reference only. The actual parameters read may differ, as we may make adjustments. Always refer to the live OS readings for accurate information.


At CHIGEE, we're not just creating products; we're crafting experiences. Our commitment to innovation and excellence drives everything we do. These new offerings represent countless hours of R&D, overcoming technical hurdles to bring you the best in motorcycle tech.

What does this mean for you?
• Enhanced understanding of your bike's performance
• Improved maintenance scheduling
• A deeper connection with your machine
• Safer, more informed riding

We're just as excited as you are about these new products. They're not just accessories; they're your gateway to a smarter, more connected riding future.

Stay tuned for more updates. Your perfect ride awaits!

Ride on,

P.S. With CHIGEE, you're not just riding - you're mastering the art of motorcycling.