CHIGEE Introduces AIO-5 Play for BMW, Advancing Riding Technology

CHIGEE Introduces AIO-5 Play for BMW, Advancing Riding Technology

Elevate Your BMW Riding Experience with CHIGEE’s AIO-5 Play: Seamless Integration, Enhanced Security, and Superior Durability for Ultimate Control and Comfort.

HONG KONG SAR, July 4, 2024 / / -- CHIGEE, a prominent developer of smart riding systems, announces the launch of the AIO-5 Play for BMW motorcycles, tailored specifically for BMW enthusiasts. This advanced system represents a significant step forward in motorcycle technology, designed to enhance the riding experience through seamless integration and advanced features, including seamless integration for both CarPlay and Android Auto.

The AIO-5 Play for BMW is meticulously engineered to integrate seamlessly with OEM systems, preserving the clarity of controls and gauges while complementing the sleek design of BMW motorcycles. It includes an integrated anti-theft solution, ensuring the screen remains secure against theft, providing riders with peace of mind.

Among its standout features, the AIO-5 Play for BMW boasts a high-brightness display that ensures optimal visibility day or night, complemented by an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance. This durability allows riders to confidently navigate various weather conditions without compromising performance.

Under the hood, the system is powered by a dual-core Cortex-A53 processor, delivering a 135% performance boost for faster and more efficient operation. Riders can also enjoy enhanced connectivity with direct phone-to-headset integration, facilitating clear and reliable audio communication during their journeys.

“We are pleased to introduce the AIO-5 Play for BMW, a product that exemplifies CHIGEE’s commitment to excellence in motorcycle technology,” commented a Spokesperson from CHIGEE. “With features such as native Wonder Wheel support, real-time access to BMW’s data, and seamless TPMS integration, riders can experience a safer, more connected, and intelligent riding experience.”

The AIO-5 Play for BMW is the third motorcycle smart riding system product in the CHIGEE AIO-5 series. The series also includes the AIO-5 Lite, the most feature-rich and comprehensive version, and the AIO-5 Play, which focuses on simplicity and ease of use, supporting smartphone mirroring but excluding features like the dash cam and AI BSD system to cater to different types of riders.

To learn more about CHIGEE and the AIO-5 Play for BMW, visit our global website and the AIO-5 Play for BMW product page. You can also watch the AIO-5 Play for BMW YouTube video.

CHIGEE is currently available through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, providing enthusiasts with an opportunity to support and engage with this advanced technology. The campaign ends on Monday, July 15, 2024, at 12:00 PM AWST.


CHIGEE, derived from “miracle” and “riding tech” in Chinese, is dedicated to enhancing motorcycle adventures through superior technology and innovation. The company’s commitment to quality and continuous R&D ensures its products set industry benchmarks, delivering exceptional performance for enthusiasts who seek the best.


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