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Designed by riders! Surpassing every expectation you've ever had: 5G WIFI, Bluetooth5.0, 5″ Screen, Dashcam

Your Eyes On The Road

with Sony IMX307 Sensor and AI BSD
AIO-5 Lite Motorcycle Smart Riding System - Premium Navigator from CHIGEE - Just US$598! Shop now at Chigee
AIO-5 Lite Motorcycle Smart Riding System - Premium Navigator from CHIGEE - Just US$598! Shop now at Chigee
AIO-5 Lite Motorcycle Smart Riding System - Premium Navigator from CHIGEE - Just US$598! Shop now at Chigee
AIO-5 Lite Motorcycle Smart Riding System - Premium Navigator from CHIGEE - Just US$598! Shop now at Chigee
AIO-5 Lite Motorcycle Smart Riding System - Premium Navigator from CHIGEE - Just US$598! Shop now at Chigee
AIO-5 Lite Motorcycle Smart Riding System - Premium Navigator from CHIGEE - Just US$598! Shop now at Chigee

AIO-5 Lite Motorcycle Smart Riding System

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Founded in April 2020 by a passionate crew of motorcycle enthusiasts with deep roots in electronic product manufacturing, CHIGEE was born from a collective love of riding and a shared mission to elevate the motorcycling experience.

The genesis of our groundbreaking AIO-5 Lite traces back to 2021 when our founders, Wells and Haus, avid motorcyclists themselves, felt the pain of existing navigation and recording solutions falling short during their daily rides. Fueled by this frustration, they embarked on an ambitious three-year journey to develop a product that would truly cater to the needs of riders like themselves.

Driving our vision is a dynamic development team with over 30% comprising engineering and technical experts. Within this talented group, we boast over 20 key developers specializing in Linux, Android, electronic circuits, and structural design – a formidable force dedicated to pushing boundaries.

We proudly unveil the AIO-5 Lite, the culmination of our unwavering commitment to redefine the game and provide riders with a revolutionary solution for their journeys. Born from a rider's perspective and forged by technical prowess, the AIO-5 Lite is poised to set a new standard in the motorcycle accessories realm.

In the scorching summer of 2023, our Chigee team embarked on an audacious motorcycle expedition, conquering a staggering 20,000 kilometers across the enchanting landscapes of Tibet. This awe-inspiring journey served as an extensive field test for the AIO-5 Lite, pushing its capabilities to the absolute limit amidst challenging terrains and ever-changing weather conditions.

We've listened to global feedback, prototyped, and refined "AIO-5 Lite" based on insights from riders in China, Japan, the USA, Philippines, Germany, and Spain.

But we don't stop there; continuous optimization and wireless updates set us apart. Your opinions matter – share your thoughts on features and stability. Join our collaborative journey, where your ideas shape an extraordinary product. Be more than a backer; become a vital part of our community!


R&D Process

Creating a completely new product is a intricate and demanding undertaking. Yet, through the combined dedication of our development team, we have accomplished success. 

Parameters of AIO-5 Lite

Working voltage: 12-18V/DC Screen size: 5 inches
Working temperature: -20-65°C LCD Material: IPS
Product Dimensions: 136.2*78.8*26.8mm Brightness: 1000Nit
Weight: 310g Peak Brightness: 1200Nit
Waterproof Rating: IP67 Automatic Brightness: Supported
RAM: 4GB Touch: Supported
Built-in Storage: 32GB EMMC WIFI: Supports 2.4/5.8G
Operating System: CGOS(Linux) GPS: External 10HZ GPS Module Supported GPS + BeiDou Satellite
SD Card Support: 256GB
Bluetooth 1: Supports BLE 5.0 for connection to mobile
Bluetooth 2:Supports BLE50 for connecting headphones and devices

Camera Parameters

Image Sensor: IMX307 Resolution: 1920*1080
Frame rate: 30FPS Lens Angle: D136.6° (H115.6°, V61.6°)
Lens Structure: 2 Glass + 4 Plastic + 1 IR-CUT f=3.0mm Does it support HDR: Yes.
Camera size: 45*35*56mm Working Voltage: 5V
Camera Weight: 80g
Front Camera Cable Length: 1M
Rear Camera Cable Length: 2.5m



AIO-5 Lite Camera x 2 GPS Module
Mounting Bracket Variable-Radius Ring
Suitable for 22-32mm pipe diameter
Buckle Clip x 2
Ball Joint Component Power Cable Magic Strap x 2
User's manual Installation Tools



Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
H.B. (Sweden)
Brand: Kawasaki
Model: Z900
Love it!

Just what every rider need!

DUONG T. (United States)
Brand: Others
Model: Royal Enfield Interceptor 650
Great product

I like everything about aoi5 lite kit. Tpms works. Cameras works great. I got the kit during early bird. Only gripe is my Android Auto keeps disconnecting while riding. Additional gps gets lost but i think that's bc of where I place it on the side of the frame.

Luigi C. (Italy)
Brand: Yamaha
Model: super tenere 1200

Ho visto questo articolo so you Tube mi sono incuriosito e me lo sono regalato è veramente stupendo non invasivo neanche troppo piccolo, ma soprattutto funziona veramente bene si vede bene i dati sono precisi e chiari.
E poi ho avuto bisogno dell'assistenza perchè ho fatto un errore io con il primo aggiornamento e devo dire che mi hanno stupito, gentili e molto veloci. Problema risolto in tre giorni. Sono molto soddisfatto.

Roue G. (The Netherlands)
Brand: Honda
Model: NT650V Deauville
Perfect combination

I had three different systems on my bike to give me information and keep me safe. Those three systems filled up my entire cockpit, which was a bit messy.
With the Chigee AIO-5 I now have all three systems and more combined in one. This is everything I wished for.
System works perfectly with my Android phone, is responsive with my gloves on and has good brightness.

Anonymous (Switzerland)
Brand: BMW
Model: S1000XR
Great device

This is actually the first device that actually does the job perfectly. The integration with the BMW Magic wheel works great.
It would help to be able to save longer videos (e.g. 10-15 min)

Eye-catching features

Wireless Screen Mirroring

Intelligent cycling all the way

Driving Recording

1080P Front & Rear Camera at 30FPS

Blind Spot Detection

AI visual algorithm

Message Notifications

Instantly push information (For IOS)

Wireless Remote Control

Everything is at your fingertips ※Optional

Tire Pressure Sensor

Real-time monitoring ※Optional

Future of Riding

Bring Apple CarPlay / Android Auto to Your Bike

Your Favorite Apps, Anytime, Anywhere

Real-time Maps

Zero Update Costs! Dive into latest maps hassle-free

Stream Online Songs

Adjust your tunes directly from touchscreen

Voice control(IOS Only) & Manual search

No more pulling out your phone or taking off gloves/helmet

Phone Call Answering

Enjoy hands-free and safer journey

Message Notifications

Receive and check messages with ease (For IOS)

Silky Smooth, Just Like Your Phone

Bluetooth 5.0

AIO-5 Lite, your phone, and helmet headphones effortlessly connect, ensuring lightning-fast and convenient audio experiences in any riding environment.


No hassle, just ride! After the initial setup, wireless mirroring kicks in automatically every time you start the engine, slashing pre-ride setup time.

wide angle

Smart Dashcam

Safety First, Always

Blind Spot Detection System

Hit the road with confidence! BSD is your vigilant companion, equipped with advanced sensors and smart algorithms. Detect vehicles in your blind spots, receiving precise alerts for a safer journey.

Dual Camera with Sony IMX307 STARVIS CMOS

Every twist, turn, and thrill documented for your confidence on the road.

Vibration Correction

Ensuring your footage stays steady and crisp even on the roughest terrains.

Discover AIO-5 lite's Uniqueness

Redefine the norm! Experience the future with cutting-edge features, sleek design, and unmatched performance

5-inch Fully Laminated Screen

Better Display Effect,
Insulated from Dust and Vapor

Boosted Processor and RAM

Dual 64-bit Arm Cortex-A53 and 4GB of RAM

Intuitive Touch

Whether you're wearing motorcycle gloves or not, control is a breeze.

5G Wi-Fi

Video Transfer Speeds Exceeding 10MB/s! Get your ride recordings straight to your smartphone with our app for easy sharing or on-the-go viewing.

Updates over the air

Experience the future with seamless over-the-air updates! Elevate your device effortlessly, ensuring you always have the latest features and enhancements.

Motorcycle-specific design

Peak Brightness of 1200cd/m²

Illuminate your world with vibrant clarity

Robust Structural Stability

Aluminum alloy frame with 3-axis shock absorption

Dual-record Storage

32GB built-in storage + expandable up to 256GB

IP67 Waterproof

For Host and two camera

Built for Extreme Temp

Ranging from -20°C to 65°C (-4°F~149°F)

Theft-Proof Design

Custom screw mount and integrated wiring

Sentry Mode

AIO-5 Lite monitors the motorcycle status when parked automatically, and if the vehicle is subject to vibration, it will automatically record videos from the front and rear cameras. 

Handlebar Mount (Included)

Suitable for 22-32mm pipe diameter

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