From Idea to Success - Chigee spirit

Founded in April 2020 by a passionate crew of motorcycle enthusiasts with deep roots in electronic product manufacturing, CHIGEE was born from a collective love of riding and a shared mission to elevate the motorcycling experience.

The genesis of our groundbreaking AIO-5 Lite traces back to 2021 when our founders, Wells and Haus, avid motorcyclists themselves, felt the pain of existing navigation and recording solutions falling short during their daily rides. Fueled by this frustration, they embarked on an ambitious three-year journey to develop a product that would truly cater to the needs of riders like themselves.

Driving our vision is a dynamic development team with over 30% comprising engineering and technical experts. Within this talented group, we boast over 20 key developers specializing in Linux, Android, electronic circuits, and structural design – a formidable force dedicated to pushing boundaries.

We proudly unveil the AIO-5 Lite, the culmination of our unwavering commitment to redefine the game and provide riders with a revolutionary solution for their journeys. Born from a rider's perspective and forged by technical prowess, the AIO-5 Lite is poised to set a new standard in the motorcycle accessories realm.

In the scorching summer of 2023, our Chigee team embarked on an audacious motorcycle expedition, conquering a staggering 20,000 kilometers across the enchanting landscapes of Tibet. This awe-inspiring journey served as an extensive field test for the AIO-5 Lite, pushing its capabilities to the absolute limit amidst challenging terrains and ever-changing weather conditions.

We've listened to global feedback, prototyped, and refined "AIO-5 Lite" based on insights from riders in China, Japan, the USA, Philippines, Germany, and Spain.

But we don't stop there; continuous optimization and wireless updates set us apart. Your opinions matter – share your thoughts on features and stability. Join our collaborative journey, where your ideas shape an extraordinary product. Be more than a backer; become a vital part of our community!


R&D Process

Creating a completely new product is a intricate and demanding undertaking. Yet, through the combined dedication of our development team, we have accomplished success.