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AIO-5 Play Smart Riding Display: Unveiling anti-theft alarm and built-in GPS. Shop now at Chigee!
AIO-5 Play Smart Riding Display: Unveiling anti-theft alarm and built-in GPS. Shop now at Chigee!

AIO-5 Play Smart Riding Display

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The eagerly awaited AIO-5 Play is on its way to you! Get ready to experience an array of exciting features. Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect:

1️⃣ Anti-Theft Alarm: AIO-5 Play comes equipped with an internal vibration alarm, ensuring your security is top-notch and theft is deterred effectively.

2️⃣ Camera-Free Design: Setting itself apart from our previous model, AIO-5 Lite, AIO-5 Play eliminates the camera feature. This adjustment not only makes the product more affordable but also removes the hassle of cumbersome hardwired cables. Simply power the device with a USB cable connected to a power source—easy as pie!

3️⃣ Big Button with Useful Shortcut Keys: Feature four handy keys that give you quick access to common functions. One key allows you to instantly lock your screen with a single press, ideal for privacy and security. Another dedicated key lets you turn off your screen at the touch of a button.

4️⃣ Built-in GPS: No more tangled wires, misplaced components, or headaches trying to install GPS hardware.


AIO-5 Lite is the most comprehensive and feature-rich riding system by CHIGEE, truly living up to its name of "All-in-one." On the other hand, AIO-5 Play is designed with a focus on simplicity. Taking customer feedback into account, it excludes features like dashcam and AI BSD system, catering solely to riders interested in smartphone mirroring. AIO-5 Play BMW Edition builds upon the AIO-5 Play, customized specifically for BMW owners.We've created a comparison page for your reference. You can view it by clicking on the provided link.

AIO-5 Play for BMW is compatible with genuine Garmin 18-pin mounts. It can seamlessly integrate with our device for power, data reading, and wonder wheel control. However, many aftermarket mounts that imitate Garmin's design can only charge our device as they do not support the original BMW motorcycle navigation bracket interface protocol.

Prior to shipment, we unconditionally support order modifications. To cancel your order or add additional items (specify quantity and product name), please email your request to We'll be happy to process it for you. Any added items will be incorporated into the same order, and applicable discounts will be applied.

Yes, You can achieve seamless transitions between different bike and use a single device by purchasing the following accessories:

Usb cable

Acc power cable

Included Mount

No, you do not need to use the Chigee Go app. The specific activation process is detailed in manual.

The standard ball head included with the product has a diameter of Φ17mm. If you wish to mount the device on a 1" (25.4mm) mounting bracket or arm, please purchase the 1" RAM Ball Head accessory and replace the standard ball head with it.

Sync with your smartphone

Real-time Maps

Zero Update Costs! Dive into latest maps hassle-free

Stream Online Songs

Adjust your tunes directly from touchscreen

Voice control(IOS) & Manual search

No more pulling out your phone or taking off gloves/helmet

Phone Call Answering

Enjoy hands-free and safer journey

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Torsten (Germany)
Brand: BMW
Model: R1200 GS Adventure
Mega gut

Funktioniert super, einfach schnell und simpel. Viel besser als jedes Navigation Gerät

J.H. (Australia)
Brand: Ducati
Model: Multistrada v4s
Overpriced for what it is

Great concept - quality just not there for the price! The play has the gps built into the device (not an external antenna like the lite) and it takes forever to get a GPS lock. Firmware updates are clunky. If it was $150 I’d say it was good value but not for $600

We value your feedback on the AIO-5 Play and would like to address your concerns:

Integrated Design: Our all-in-one display concept prioritizes portability and water resistance. While an external GPS might offer faster signal acquisition, it would compromise these key features.
GPS Performance: We acknowledge that internal GPS systems can have varying signal acquisition times due to environmental factors. We're actively working on improving this in future updates.
Firmware Updates: We apologize for any inconvenience with updates. Our team is dedicated to enhancing this process for a smoother user experience.

Your insights are crucial for our product development. We're committed to optimizing the AIO-5 Play based on user feedback like yours.
Thank you for your patience and support.
Best regards,

U.L. (Germany)
Brand: BMW
Model: R1250GSA
Very easy setup and excelent functions

I was really super excited to get my AOI-5Play and got almost fully satisfied. Besides everything I love, which is much more than the point I struggle with. But these 2 things need to be considered.
Number one is that the screen is already relatively small with 5 inches, but one CarPlay is running the visual size gets even smaller.
Number two, the function with leather gloves is in comparison to other displays (e.g. Garmin) not as comfortable as I thought it would be.

If these 2 point could be changed would be great!


Really nice device.



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