Why CHIGEE's AIO-5 Series is the Ultimate Choice for Waterproof Motorcycle Screens

CHIGEE Makes a Splash at Makina Motoshow 2024 with AIO-5 LITE

The AIO-5 series by CHIGEE offers a variety of advanced motorcycle smart systems, including the AIO-5 Lite, AIO-5 Play, and the upcoming AIO-5 Play for BMW. These models are designed to improve the riding experience for motorcycle enthusiasts. One key feature of the AIO-5 series is its focus on waterproof technology, especially in the screens. This advanced waterproofing ensures that riders can handle various weather conditions without losing screen functionality or durability. Whether it's the comprehensive features of the AIO-5 Lite, the easy-to-use design of the AIO-5 Play, or the specialized experience for BMW owners with the AIO-5 Play for BMW, the AIO-5 series combines top-notch technology with practical use, making it a must-have for riders looking for a reliable and seamless smart system for their motorcycles.

Overview of the AIO Series

Introduction to AIO-5 Lite and AIO-5 Play

The AIO-5 series includes the AIO-5 Lite and AIO-5 Play models, each designed for motorcycle enthusiasts. The AIO-5 Lite offers comprehensive features, while the AIO-5 Play is all about simplicity and ease of use. There's also an upcoming AIO-5 Play for BMW, which will have special features for BMW motorcycles.

Importance of Waterproof Technology

Waterproof technology is essential for making motorcycle screens durable and reliable. It protects screens from water damage and keeps them working well even in bad weather. Without waterproofing, screens can suffer from water ingress, malfunction, and poor visibility in harsh conditions. For some dashcams with recording functions, the absence of reliable waterproofing can result in the loss of crucial driving evidence.

AIO-5 Lite - The Waterproof Marvel

MAKINA MOTO SHOW 2024 Highlight

At the MAKINA MOTO SHOW 2024, the AIO-5 Lite showed off its amazing waterproof abilities by operating underwater for several days. During this demo, it made calls, played videos, and used GPS navigation underwater, proving its incredible durability and functionality even in tough conditions.

CHIGEE Makes a Splash at Makina Motoshow 2024 with AIO-5 LITE
CHIGEE Makes a Splash at Makina Motoshow 2024 with AIO-5 LITE

Technical Breakdown

The AIO-5 Lite stays waterproof thanks to advanced technology that seals it from water. It has an IP67 rating, which means it's highly resistant to water and dust. This rating shows how well the device is protected, with higher numbers meaning better resistance, ensuring the AIO-5 Lite works reliably even in wet environments.

AIO-5 LITE IP67 Certificate of Conformity

User Experience

Users have given great feedback about the AIO-5 Lite's performance in wet conditions. Riders appreciate that it works perfectly even in rain or humidity, handling water exposure without any issues. The waterproof design of the AIO-5 Lite has been praised for improving the overall experience and reliability for motorcycle riders.

AIO-5 Play – Robust and Reliable

Design and Durability

The AIO-5 Play features a robust design with sealed components and a reinforced casing, making it waterproof. Compared to other models on the market, the AIO-5 Play stands out for its performance and durability, offering better protection against water and ensuring it works reliably in various weather conditions.

Real-World Applications

Motorcyclists can greatly benefit from the waterproof AIO-5 Play in their daily rides. For example, during heavy rain, the waterproof features protect the screen from water damage, allowing continuous use of navigation and communication tools. Even if the device is accidentally submerged or exposed to extreme weather, the AIO-5 Play's IP68 rating and durable design give riders peace of mind, ensuring it works consistently throughout their journeys.

AIO-5 Play IP68 Certificate of Conformity

Coming Soon: AIO-5 Play for BMW Riders

Exciting New Features

The AIO-5 Play for BMW will introduce advanced waterproof features specifically for BMW riders. It is IP68 rated and fits perfectly with BMW motorcycles, ensuring excellent protection against water. Additionally, this new model will include advanced technologies to enhance its performance, providing BMW riders with an unmatched smart system experience. 

AIO-5 Play for BMW

Why Choose AIO-5 Series for Your Motorcycle

Next-Level Waterproof Performance

The AIO-5 series is known for its excellent waterproof capabilities, providing strong protection against water and dust. Motorcyclists can trust the AIO-5 series to be durable and reliable, giving them peace of mind even in bad weather. This advanced waterproof technology sets a new standard for smart systems in the motorcycle industry, offering a robust and dependable solution for riders.

CHIGEE AIO-5 Next-Level Waterproof Performance
CHIGEE AIO-5 Next-Level Waterproof Performance

Waterproofing Matters

Unpredictable Weather

In rainy or wet conditions, regular GPS screens can become blurry or covered in water droplets, making them hard to see. Continuous water drips can also interfere with the touchscreen. Without waterproofing, rain, fog, or moisture can damage or even break the screens.

Waterproof screens keep out water, ensuring a clear display and a functional touchscreen, even in bad weather. This makes using dash cams much more reliable in any conditions.

Safeguarding Evidence

Waterproof screens and cameras on motorcycle dashcams are very important for getting clear evidence. They keep recording in any weather and stop water from blurring the footage. This makes the videos better and more reliable.

The waterproof feature also makes the recordings more trustworthy for legal issues and insurance claims, and it helps keep the videos safe for a longer time. In short, waterproof screens and cameras make motorcycle dashcams much better at capturing clear and reliable evidence.

Built to Handle Extreme Weather

The waterproof design is crucial for preventing damage in cold or fluctuating temperatures. The AIO-5 seires can perform well even in temperatures as low as -20°C. This is especially important for riders in winter or high-altitude areas, as they need to ensure their device works reliably in extreme cold, providing clear navigation and recording.

High and Low Temperature Testing for AIO-5 Play
AIO-5 Play High Temperature Test

In high-temperature environments, the AIO-5 seires is effective at resisting dust and heat, maintaining good performance in temperatures up to 60°C. This is vital for riders in hot climates or those on summer long-distance trips, ensuring the device works reliably under any condition. 

Global Travel Ready

For riders exploring different regions and climates, having a waterproof device is essential. International travelers encounter diverse weather patterns, from tropical downpours to arctic snowstorms. A waterproof device provides peace of mind, knowing that it can withstand these varied conditions and continue to perform reliably. 

Whether facing sudden rain showers, intense heat, or freezing temperatures, a waterproof device like the AIO-5 series ensures uninterrupted functionality. This reliability allows riders to focus on enjoying their ride without worrying about equipment failure. 

Whether navigating bustling city streets or remote mountain passes, riders can trust their waterproof device to provide accurate guidance and recording capabilities, enhancing their overall travel experience.

All-in-One Features for Every Ride

Besides being waterproof, the AIO-5 series offers many useful features like GPS navigation, media playback, and communication tools. These features make riding more enjoyable by providing essential tools for navigation, entertainment, and communication. Even in wet conditions, the AIO-5 series works perfectly, ensuring consistent performance and usability for riders on the road.

Rider Satisfaction

Riders have commended the AIO-5 series for its reliability in wet conditions and the smooth operation of its features. The AIO-5 Lite IP67 waterproof rating means that it is very good at resisting water and dust. The AIO-5 Play goes even further with an IP68 rating, offering even better protection against water. These ratings show how great the AIO-5 series is at keeping water out, making it a top pick for motorcycle enthusiasts who want a smart system with advanced features and excellent waterproof performance.


The AIO-5 series from CHIGEE is an excellent pick for motorcycle smart systems, offering top-notch waterproof technology and handy features. The AIO-5 Lite's IP67 rating and the AIO-5 Play's IP68 rating provide great protection against water, ensuring reliable performance. The upcoming AIO-5 Play for BMW will cater specifically to BMW motorcycle riders.

Motorcycle enthusiasts can trust the AIO-5 series to improve their rides with waterproof designs, GPS navigation, media playback, and communication tools. With high praise from users and durable construction, the AIO-5 series is a smart choice for anyone seeking a reliable and feature-rich system for their motorcycle.

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