MFP0018 Internal Tire Pressure Sensor - Premium TPMS from CHIGEE - Just US$94! Shop now at Chigee

Sensor interno de pressão dos pneus MFP0018

Preço regularUS$94.00
Frete calculado na finalização da compra.

Vida útil da bateria: 2-3 anos (não substituível)
Precisão de medição: 0,1 BAR
Parâmetros dimensionais: 25x25x49,5mm
Faixa de teste de pressão: 0-8 BAR

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Per K. (Greece)
Brand: Others
Model: Aprilia 660 Tuareg
Works well

I bought this model because the external model was out of stock. My Aprilia dealer charged my 30€ to install them.

The advantage with the internal model is that you can monitor the pressure while filling your tires. The disadvantage is that a wheel removal will be required when the batteries run out. It is not clear to me if you have to buy new units, send them to Chigee (the instructions mention "factory replacement"), or if they can be opened to change batteries.

What I did notice though is that the data listed on this page does not match up with the included instruction sheet. Here is the data from the instruction sheet:

Battery life: 2-3 years
Battery replacement: Factory replacement
Size: 25x25x49.5mm
Measurement accuracy: 0.01 bar
Range: 0-8 bar

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