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Brand: Ducati
Model: Multistrada
Why it misses the bullseye

Excellent feature packed and well made unit that just misses out on quality for me.
Good points... Blind Spot Detection is excellent on this.
Lots of features. And using the rear camera as a rear view mirror is good.
Physical buttons along the top are excellent and easy to use... however having one of them as a programmable option would be brilliant.. a software update perhaps... let us choose an action for one of the buttons please.
TPMS also works very well.

It's just too small. Please bring out a 6" screen.
The cameras are dashcam quality only.
The GPS sensor telemetry is unreadable in my software.
The mounting design should be more universal with the 4 bolts on the back that should align with the standard configurations of tomtom and garmin mounts.

And the another poor design feature is the SD card slot. It should be accessible on the side, not inaccessible on the bottom.

Oh.. and make it demountable next time, please.. I really don't like walking away from my bike with that left out on show.

This is so close to being the perfect upgrade.. maybe some software update tweeks would help.

Just misses the mark for me for the price you charge for it

MFP0022 Crossbar Mount (Φ12~Φ16mm)
paul m. (United Kingdom)
Brand: Honda
Model: nc750x

well made robust but of kit as with all of the products so far priceing needs looking at as its still expensive for what it is

Brand: Honda
Model: nc750x
protective case

great product robust and very well fitting keeps it nice when its parked

Brand: BMW
Model: R1200RT LC
Au top

Quel bonheur de pouvoir bénéficier d'un support dédié à sa moto. L'écran vient merveilleusement s'intégrer dans le cockpit de la moto. Hors mis le côté esthétique atteint grâce à ce support, cela permet aussi de sécuriser l'écran puisque celui-ci devient impossible à enlever sans démonter tout le carénage avant de la moto. Bref, indispensable !

Brand: BMW
Model: R1200RT LC
Bonne protection

Bonne protection pour éviter la poussière. Belle finition et toucher agréable

Brand: BMW
Model: R1200RT LC

Je suis totalement ravie et satisfait par ce produit. J'étais à la recherche d'un dispositif de guidage élégant et simple d'utilisation. Ce dispositif remplit parfaitement mes attentes et même plus. La qualité est au rendez-vous. Les caméras sont un vrai plus que ce soit en cas d'accident, de capture vidéo ou pour le contrôle des angles morts. Bref, je le conseille à 100%

Absolutely brilliant quality. Other orders sent with it too. Thanks Chigee.

Brand: BMW
Model: BMW R1250GSA 2020
Expensive to Install

I cannot evaluate the product because I have yet to install. To do so, you need to know how to wire into your bike's electrical system, or pay for an install. Depending on the bike, that is anything from one to 4 hours.
From the box the quality looks very good but the cameras are a little plasticky. I doubt that would be an issue once they are fitted. With the cost of the unit and the cost of fitting this is very expensive, so think carefully if you are really going to get value from this. Personally, I should have waited six months as product development is ongoing, and competitors are selling units with BMW brackets so no need for expensive or complex fitting.

Brand: Yamaha
Model: Tenere 700 World Raid
Absolute game changer!

I reached out to a couple of vendors about my needs for a system that provided cameras and blind spot monitoring.

CHIGEE were the only vendor to come back to me with more details and info on how to purchase their product.
I ordered the full AIO5 Lite kit, including; cross bar clamp, tyre pressure monitoring and the handlebar mounted remote control.

The installation was easy and the cables provided were labelled and instructions provided were clear. Configuration of the device was also nice an easy as was connectivity to my phone (Samsung Galaxy S23) and Cardo communications (Packtalk Edge) unit.

In terms of daily use while riding, the piece of mind and comfort in being able to have your rear view camera switched on in real time along with the blind spot monitoring is nothing short of a miracle for someone like me.

To provide some context, I have a disability caused by multiple fusion surgeries to my cervical spine, this limits the movement and rotation of my head. Over the shoulder safety checks for me are virtually impossible. I would never suggest that you rely on technology 100% but this device has made riding a lot safer and easier for me.

Having Android Auto or Apple car play to use are nice features to have but for me they were not essential.

The only minor issue that I came across is transferring the video files from the AIO 5 Lite to your phone. The transfer of files is quick but after a days riding you could have upwards of 100gb of footage to transfer. I ended up with a flat battery, now I put a battery maintainer on the bike or leave it ticking over until all the files have transferred over to my phone. Someone had suggested removing the memory card and transferring the files that way but I would not be a fan of unscrewing the protective memory card seal on the device to remove the card when I need to transfer video files, I would also have to adjust its position on the cross bar each time so not a very practical option.

I cannot fault the AIO5 Lite, adding it to a bike that has almost no built in tech other than the ability to turn ABS on or off is an absolute game changer. YouTube video placeholder
CGRC Remote Control CAN For BMW
Alexsandro P.M. (Brazil)
Brand: BMW

Equipamento muito útil para quem tem uma BMW R1250GS ADVENTURE, o aparelho funciona perfeitamente além de dar uma comodidade ao piloto na pilotagem.

Brand: BMW
Chigee aio-5 lite

Aparelho muito top, superou minhas expectativas como usuário, a Chigee está de parabéns.

Brand: Honda
Model: X-ADV 2024
Great addition to the system.

A little bit expensive everthing considered but still a great addition to the system.
Very good quality quite thick yet flexible and with it i am not worried about parking outside with direct sunlight hitting the screen.

Brand: Honda
Model: X-ADV 2024
Wireless remote - Good but not great

The wireless remote is a good addition to the setup but it is not without flaws. More often than not it is easier to use the toutch screen than navigate with the remote to get to the command you are looking for.

Brand: BMW
Model: BMW r1250rt
Es ist einfach perfekt!! Alles in einem Gerät:)))

Alles funktioniert super, totwinkelssistenz + dashcam + Apple CarPlay

Solid build quality.

Brand: BMW
Model: K1600 GTL

I’m wuite happy with the device a slight bigger screen would be appreciated but not more than 1/2” would make ik better vieable. I appreciate the carplay function and al its benefits.
The only point of critisism I have is the lack of easy removing the sd card to upload the data to the laptop. The wifi exchange is just to slow.

Brand: Yamaha
Model: FJ09
Love it - Chigee AIO5 Lite w/ Tire Pressure Monitoring

Installed the Chigee AIO5 Lite with the optional tire pressure monitoring sensors and very pleased with the quality, functionality, install, and support from Chigee.
Highly recommended.

Quality items delivered in very good time.

Brand: Yamaha
Model: MT-09 2021
Chigee on a 2021 MT09

I love the feeling of good quality and how easy it is to build on. Suits my bike well. Havent tried it out yet though. But looking forward to it.

MFP0022 Crossbar Mount (Φ12~Φ16mm)
Maurizio D.R. (Switzerland)
Brand: Ducati
Model: Ducati Multistrada 1200s

Prodotto di qualità.

Brand: BMW
Model: k1600 GTL
Perth to Melbourne

Loved It, It worked exactly as claimed. My only issue still not fixed is when i recieve a call I will be talking and then it drops out every 30 sec roughly, I then go to Bluetooth on my Chigee and reconnect, so call not lost just drops bluetooth

Brand: BMW
Model: BMW 1250GS - Ducati SFv4- Triumph Tiger 800
Well made phone holder, with room for improvements.

The holder is made with high quality CNC aluminium parts and it is very compact. However, it should be provided with the possibility of setting the bottom support length at rest. Right now, the charger flat surface does not adhere fully with the back of the phone where the coil is, because of the camera's. Tested with Iphone 14 pro and Galaxy S24U. I assume with smaller phones it is even worse. All in all, good quality product and very compact.

Brand: BMW
Model: R1300 GS
Perfect product !

The AIO-5 Lite work fine. No bugs.
Quick start and auto power off system.
Delivery time was only one week.
Used on a BMW R1300 GS.
I just still waiting on the avalaibilty for the CAN Remote (schedued for June or July).

AIO-5 Lite Motorcycle Smart Riding System
Gregory D. (United States)
Brand: Triumph
Model: 2023
Nice addition

Very happy with the AIO5. Nice to have all the CarPlay features available on the bike. One minor issue with the cameras on installation. When aiming and tightening the cameras in the mount they would not tighten sufficiently to not cause undesired movement. I resolved by adding a small amount of black electrical tape to the camera body before tightening the mount ring.